The acronym “YMYL” means “your money, your life”, a phrase used in Google’s search quality evaluator guidelines. Topics deemed as YMYL may impact people’s or society’s health, wealth, happiness, and safety. Due to this real-world impact, sites and landing pages that include YMYL topics are subject to higher quality expectations.

We think the concept is so important that we named our business after it.

Google hasn’t provided a definitive list of YMYL niches, although common niches include finance, law, and medicine. If you sit outside of one of these core niches and it’s not clear whether you are in a YMYL niche, there is a simple question that can help you understand where you stand.

If your response is a yes, then it’s highly likely you are in a YMYL niche.

Remember YMYL is not a binary yes or no, think of it more as a spectrum. Some businesses will rank highly on the spectrum whilst others will be lower. Even if your product or service is not subject to higher quality standards, acting as if it is could help you outperform your competitors.

1. E-E-A-T, “expertise, experience, authority and trust”

Yes, another acronym used in Google’s search quality evaluator guidelines. Demonstrating E-E-A-T via your site’s content and link profile can help you satisfy user intent and help you improve your organic visibility. Leading to more traffic and more conversions.

2. Build your brand

Unlocking the power of brand is pivotal for YMYL success as many YMYL niches are dominated by powerful authority domains that are hard to compete with for high-value keywords. This means that driving brand search should be as high a priority as driving non-brand traffic.

3. Quality score

If paid advertising is an option in your niche, then improving your ad campaign quality scores (like Google Ads quality score and Facebook Ad quality ranking) can help you get better results. Higher quality scores mean that your ads could cost less but perform better, giving your extra budget to either re-invest or spend on other channels.

Improving your website E-E-A-T can even help improve your ad quality scores as landing page experience is typically used to calculate quality scores.